Monday, 22 June 2015 08:57

PHASES OF IRRIGATION: The logistics of irrigation water

It includes all operations since irrigation water enters in our farm to the output of the nutrient solution by the emitter:

2.1.- Treatment:

Depending on the physical and chemical nature of the water it is necessary to design a specific treatment for this search. In addition to filtering, we must provide the type of prophylaxis we are going to use, by incorporating a chemical product in water storage or injecting it into the distribution network, or using some method for disinfecting water via ultraviolet light, ozonation or chlorination.

2.2.- Injecting fertilizers:

Venturi injection systems are usually used, with a valve that opens and closes the passage to each injector automatically, and depending on the relation scheduled each of the injectors and attending to conductivity probe reading. In practice a number of suitable injectors will allow us to convert a fuel injection system in a fertilizer factory and may vary at any time the composition of the nutrient solution.

The reliability of these systems is high and it is conditioned by the professionalism in the design, installation and proper maintenance of the system. It is very easy to check the proper functioning analyzing the nutrient solution in the issuer, and irrigation water and comparing it with the theoretical solution that we have calculated.

2.3.- Correction PH:

It is such or even more important than the fertilizers injection, and it is usually an element that we neglect, as it usually have an automatic control, and PH depends not only to prevent clogging in the distribution system or issuers, but, and this is really important, prolonging the time that an ion will be available to the root system as it is useless to design a strategy for irrigation and nutrient calculation if these are going to be precipitated by high pH.

2.4.-Distribution networks:

We have previously shown the main importance of water as a nutrient and as a vehicle for other nutrients, which is why we must check the efficiency of its distribution should be around 95%, to ensure we are fertilizing homogeneously.