Tuesday, 28 April 2015 15:39


General Operating System:

Bayer Phytobac system installed is an example of sustainable agriculture and environmental awareness.

For proper operation of this system there must be the basis, a platform for washing area, this is therefore the place to access the machinery that was used in the application of pesticides, whether vats, tanks, machinery seeders, backpacks ... or to bottle washing.


In this same area, we proceed to the filling of tanks, so we can prevent any overflow of them in the process of preparing the broth treatment spills in a place where an accidental contamination could happened.


The effluent from the cleaning or accidental discharges in filling tanks, is collected in a first pit of primary sedimentation, which allows extraction of the more coarse solids parts by a container placed therein, and it can be extracted for dumping in the same biological Phytobac bed, the rest of the effluent passes to a second pit, where it is pumped to a buffer tank.


An automatic system installed by Novedades Agricolas, allows providing timely the effluent stored in the buffer tank to the "biological bed" that contains the substrate, so that the microorganisms present, perform the degradation function.

The bund of biological bed allows draining containers directly into it, for this, the containers are placed once washed, leaning on a stick stuck in it, or any other mechanism that can hold them to get a pro perfect emptying thereof, which are in a position to be stored in a large bag, to facilitate the waste manager can remove them.

The bed is covered to prevent the entrance of rain water, and it has a dispersion effluent system therein.

The life of the bed, is estimated at about 10 years, and the substrate can be spread on the field in the proportion indicated by the technical department of Novedades Agricolas SA.


Once done the emptying process amenities, we proceed to add a new biological bed formed mostly by local soil mixed with the substrate used.

The system does not generate dangerous waste, and it doesn’t need to go to any waste manager, as the bed itself makes biological degradation thereof. The Phytobac Bayer system installed is an example of sustainable agriculture and environmental awareness.