Friday, 24 April 2015 07:02

Regulations for sustainable use of phytosanitary products

Royal Decree 1311/2012, September 14th , establishes the framework for action to achieve the sustainable use of phytosanitary products.

The Directive on Sustainable Use of Pesticides 128/2009 / EC and its transposition into Spanish law by Royal Decree 1311/2012 includes as part of its objectives to protect the aquatic environment and drinking water, while ensuring that agricultural activity not endanger human health and the environment, also in his article 39. "Cleaning treatment equipment" reads:

All necessary measures be taken in order to remove the remains of mixture remaining in the tanks after application, and subsequent cleaning treatment equipment, does not endanger human health and the environment, bearing in any case mandatory the following practices:

a. a. Dumping the remains of surplus treatment mixture is prohibited. Their removal is performed by applying them in the same plot treated prior to dilution with enough water so that the maximum permissible dose is not exceeded, however when available, the preference will be given to the elimination of these residues through installations or devices enabled to eliminate or degrade pesticide residues.

Royal decree continues on more paragraphs, but I would like to emphasize the part that talks about "when available" preference will be to the removal of these residues by devices ready to eliminate or degrade waste…

Examples of systems that meet this standard for sustainable use of plant protection products: Phyobac System