Tuesday, 28 April 2015 15:36

Waste Degradation Systems: PHYTOBAC

At this time we can say that It is already available the system that allows the waste degradation: Phytobac

Phytobac is a system of biological bed based on the purifying power of the substrate used, which makes a natural degradation of the active substances of plant protection by microorganisms present in it, and thanks to their action, mitigate environmental risks that can result in poor management of phytosanitary effluents.

The end result of the system installed is a safety improvement, responsibility and good agricultural practices.


The Bayer Phytobac system is designed and analyzed by specialized personnel in order to maintain adequate aeration and moisture both in the same conditions, taking into account the location, evapotranspiration, farm size and volume effluent generated in the farm.

The objective is that microorganisms can carry out its function of bio purification, and degradation of the components present in the effluent from cleaning phytosanitary applications equipment like backpacks, spraying equipment, tanks, tractors, machinery, deposits, sowing machinery etc.

The Phytobac Bayer system installed is an example of sustainable agriculture and environmental awareness. And complies with the regulations that ensure the sustainable use of plant protection products.