Monday, 19 November 2018 11:34

Japanese farmers learn about the technology developed by Novagric

A Japanese delegation visits several APR greenhouses made by Novagric to know in situ the latest developments in production of protected crops.

A Japanese delegation, which has the support of the technological platform AgritechMurcia, visits these days the Region of Murcia and Almeria to know, through business meetings, technicians and visits to greenhouses, the industry and agricultural technology that have made the agrifood sector of the Region in one of the most competitive worldwide.

This is the third mission of a Japanese group with representatives of the National Federation of Japanese Farmers' Cooperatives (ZEN-NOH). On this occasion, the delegation is composed of farmers and agricultural technicians from three of Japan's most important prelatures with agricultural activity and future in the country (Aichi, Miyazaki and Kumamoto), who once again have focused on technology and comprehensive greenhouse projects.

Japanese technicians have valued the working model of the AgritechMurcia platform, with which Novagric actively participates, which favours initiatives to develop and disseminate labour-saving farming technologies in order to promote environmentally friendly agriculture and has resulted in specialised agriculture.

We visited several APR greenhouses that we have carried out in the Region, from the design part of the project, manufacturing, to commissioning. Thus, the technology developed by Novagric is offered as an integral model that serves as an example for the representatives of the Asian country, who seek to implement a more integrated and sustainable agriculture.

For this reason, the eagerness of the technicians displaced to take note of the details, from the seedbed to the manipulation of the product, or on the adaptation of the technology to the measure of the needs of each zone and producer, or how to develop an effective organization of the cooperatives of producers.