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Controlled Environment Agriculture solutions for professionals growers.

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Get a stable production and improve your profitability by cultivating all year under professional greenhouses. At Novagric we take care of everything from the idea to start-up. No intermediaries.

We are greenhouses manufacturers with smart technologies for irrigation, water reuse, climate control and automation. This way you have the guarantee that all our materials meet the quality requirements and deadlines set.

Novagric develops your smart greenhouse project from design to implementation.

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We have great experience designing custom-made solutions to different farm sizes, climates and crops, horticultural, ornamental, medicinal and trend crops, which allows us to offer a complete technical study to achieve the best growing conditions in a protected environment.

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At Novagric we take care of everything, from design to commissioning and production. Achieve stable production in a controlled environment with an agricultural technology project adapted to your needs.

FAQs about agricultural greenhouses

A greenhouse is an installation artificially covered and closed with transparent materials in order to protect plants from bad weather conditions (low temperatures, strong winds, hail, storms, low air humidity or excessive solar radiation).

The crops benefit from a closed microclimate thanks to a control over the climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, ventilation…) which not only helps to grow in different periods, but also favours the development of the crops and increases the production compared to outdoor crops.

Greenhouse cultivation offers a number of benefits such as:

  • Out-of-period production
  • Precocity of fruit growth
  • Water and fertiliser savings
  • Establish the most suitable climatic conditions for each crop.
  • Higher yields and better quality.
  • Facilitate control over insects and pests.
  • Increased protection against extreme weather conditions.
  • Safety and comfort in the performance of cultivation tasks.

The design and structure of the greenhouses developed in Novagric comply with the European standard UNE-EN 13031-1, according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and 14001 standards with which we are certified since 2000, in addition to being a member of GLOBAL G.A.P.

Novagric has been offering a complete service in this type of facility since 1978. We are manufacturers and installers, we have our own brands in greenhouses, irrigation, climate and water treatment. We are a company with 200 people and with a technical team specialized in agricultural innovation, assembly, maintenance of agricultural facilities available.

Yes, we have technicians specialized in crop management who can train your team in the management of technologies, provide technical or agronomic advice on the best strategies to follow, or supervise the development of greenhouse cultivation in situ.

Our agricultural technology projects

The largest greenhouse for top quality Cherry Tomato

This is the largest greenhouse built in Spain in a single module with which they hope to increase production from 21 to 27 kg/m2, but the results were much better than expected.

The largest and most productive greenhouse in Almeria

Novagric executed an advanced greenhouse project in Almeria, improving the quality and efficiency of vegetable production.

High-tech seedbeds for professional plant cultivation

Novagric executed a seedbed project in Almeria with a new building and greenhouses, optimizing space and automatic control systems.

Hydroponic greenhouse for vegetable cultivation in Turkey

One of the most ambitious complete greenhouse projects for high-yielding hydroponic tomato production in Turkey.

Multitunnel Vegetable Greenhouses for Mercadona

Novagric has realized a complete project of Professional Greenhouses specialized in the production of high quality fruit and vegetable crops such as Tomato, Cucumbers or Beans.

Greenhouse construction for growing crops in the United Arab Emirates

Discover greenhouse projects in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for growing organic fruits and vegetables.

Greenhouse project to produce tomatoes with lower water footprint

Grupo Hortofrutícola Paloma expands its greenhouses with Novagric to achieve 20% more production using less water and energy.

Greenhouses for vegetables and lettuces crops in hydroponics and NFT

Africa is making progress in agricultural technologies with NFT greenhouses for food safety and efficient horticle production

High productivity Greenhouses for growing all year round

Novagric implemented a technological greenhouse in the Middle East for constant cultivation of vegetables, with water recirculation and climate control systems to optimise resources and profitability.

Hydroponic Greenhouses in Eastern Europe

Novagric implemented a hydroponic tomato greenhouse in Eastern Europe, educating local entrepreneurs to boost the regional economy.

Technological Greenhouses for cultivation in winter and summer

Novagric created a technological greenhouse in the Middle East for continuous cultivation with 12 greenhouse and water recirculation and climate control systems.

High-tech seed greenhouses in Albania

Novagric developed a technologically advanced seed greenhouse in Albania, funded by Europe, to boost local agriculture and the economy.

Greenhouses and Agricultural Sheds for Snow Farming

Novagric established a state-of-the-art multi-tunnel greenhouse and agricultural shed project in Romania, adapting to a cold and extreme climate.

Biotechnology Research Greenhouses in Japan

Novagric designed and installed a bio-innovation centre in Japan for research in horticulture, genetics and microbiology, with advanced greenhouses for year-round cultivation and analysis.

Multilayer Greenhouse Construction in Almeria

Novagric designed, manufactured and built multi-tunnel greenhouses in Almeria for suspended horticultural crops, optimizing the use of water.

Cannabis Greenhouse in Uruguay

Novagric developed two greenhouse projects for recreational cannabis in Uruguay, with forced cultivation and advanced technology, allowing for multiple harvests per year in controlled environments.

Greenhouses for Papaya cultivation

Novagric completed a turnkey project in Almeria, designing and building greenhouses for papaya production.

Seedbeds for horticultural plants and fruits

Novagric implemented a protected agriculture project in Almeria, expanding a veteran seedbed with advanced technology for optimum quality.

Ecological Greenhouses for Seeds production

The aim of the project is to create latest technology facilities for superior quality plants production and ensure availability at any time of the year.

Biomass heating for sustainable agriculture

Novagric implemented a project in Portugal with non-polluting biomass boilers for tomato cultivation, using olive pits as an energy source.

Highly profitable tomato greenhouses in Russia

Novagric implemented a high productivity greenhouse project in Russia for tomato cultivation in extreme climates, improving profitability and increasing ROI, with the support of the local Ministry of Agriculture.

Greenhouses for Flower crops in Chile

Novagric implemented advanced greenhouses for the production and export of hydroponic hydrangeas in Chile, with climate control and fertigation.

Snow-resistant vegetable greenhouses in Romania

Novagric implemented an ambitious project of technological greenhouses in Romania, equipped for the professional production of vegetables such as tomatoes, brassicas and peppers.

Plastic and Mesh Greenhouses in Sinaloa

Novagric Mexico has carried out a project of design, manufacture and construction of plastic and mesh greenhouses for high-yield crops.

Greenhouses for the University of India

Novagric created a centre of excellence in protected agriculture at a university in India, with advanced technology for growing vegetables, flowers and medicinal plants, adapted to local conditions and automatically controlled.

Tropical Greenhouses in Dominican Republic

Novagric executed a project at the Rancho Arriba farm in the Dominican Republic, designing, manufacturing and building tropical greenhouses with technology for high-yield crops.

Greenhouses for Tomato Crop in Mexico

Novagric Mexico carried out a project in Culiacan, Mexico, focused on designing, manufacturing and constructing greenhouses for high-yield tomato cultivation.

Hydroponic greenhouses Almeria

Novagric completed a project in Almeria: design, manufacture and construction of hydroponic gothic greenhouses for tomato production.

Greenhouses for Growing Arugula, Spinach and Swiss Chard

Novagric has carried out a project of fully equipped Gothic Multunnel Greenhouses for the cultivation of green leafy vegetables in Balsicas, MURCIA.

Greenhouses for growing vegetables in Mexico

Novagric Mexico completed a project in Cardenas, designing, manufacturing and constructing plastic and mesh greenhouses for vegetable cultivation.

Construction of Eucalyptus and Pine Nurseries

Novagric has carried out a project of Greenhouses Nursery in Chile equipped for the cultivation of forest plants such as Eucalyptus and Pine.

Nursery construction in Morocco

Novagric implemented a project of seed greenhouses equipped with advanced technology for the professional production of seed varieties.

Tomato Greenhouse Construction in the Balkans

Novagric implemented a greenhouse project for tomato cultivation in the Balkans, focused on fostering agricultural entrepreneurship, improving water management, and increasing productivity and commercialization in rural areas.

Greenhouses for lilium cultivation in Asia

Novagric has carried out a project in Vietnam of Multi-span Gothic Greenhouses technologically equipped for Flower Crop such as Lilies.

Multi-span Greenhouse with Agricultural Advice

Novagric completed a multi-tunnel greenhouse project in Nigeria, equipped to produce vegetables. Includes technical-agronomic advice on the farm to optimize crop yields.

Multi-tunnel greenhouses for insect research

Novagric implemented a greenhouse project in Morocco with advanced technology for research on auxiliary insects in integrated pest management.

Construction of Greenhouse for Nursery in Almeria

Novagric designed, manufactured and built multi-span greenhouses in Puebla de Vícar, Almería, for Finca Viveros Las Fresas.

Vegetable Greenhouses in Sinaloa (Mexico)

Novagric Mexico has carried out a project in Sinaloa for the design, manufacture and construction of greenhouses for the cultivation of high-yielding vegetables.

Multi-span Chapel and Tropical Greenhouses in Costa Rica

Novagric has carried out a project of Multi-span Chapel and Asymmetric Greenhouses to produce tropical ornamental plant.

Greenhouses for Peppers in Asia

Novagric has carried out a project of Tropical Greenhouses with advanced techonolgical equipment for Pepper Crop in Vietnam.

Greenhouses for Vegetable Growing in Côte d'Ivoire

Côte d'Ivoire, an agricultural powerhouse in West Africa, seeks food self-sufficiency. Novagric implements hydroponic greenhouse for vegetables, boosting its development.

Installation of Irrigation and Climate Control for Seedbeds

Novagric implemented an irrigation and climate system for Vicaplant in La Mojonera, specialized in horticultural and ornamental plants.

Snail Greenhouses in Almeria

Novagric creates in Almeria the best telematic snail breeding center for consumption, cosmetics and gourmet caviar.

Nethouse construction in Mexico

Novagric Mexico has carried out a project developed in Santa Teresa, Mexico, which focused on the design, manufacture and construction of Nethouses for high-yield crops.

Greenhouses for Flowers in Vietnam

Novagric has carried out a project of Tropical Greenhouses technologically equipped for Flower Crops in nurseries in Vietnam.