Fog Irrigation System


Nebulizers produce fine mist, the pressurized water flows through a narrow hole, so that the produced jet crashes into a concave wall that bounced it and distributed it in nebulized form.

These systems typically work with relatively high pressures, about 2-4 bar. They are used in greenhouses to reduce the ambient temperature and to increase relative humidity.

Application and How to use it:

Its use can be made for multiple applications:

  • To increase the relative humidity in the greenhouse
  • To cool the gases combined with forced ventilation system.
  • To apply automatic processing as the application of foliar fertilizers pesticides, or other water-soluble product.
  • Perform spray irrigation.

These systems may adjust flow rates and droplet size by changing the nozzle, for use according to the production needs. Regulating water pressure in the head you can accomplished the same end by adapting the application to the humidification, cooling, irrigation and / or application of fertilizers or pesticides application.

It is mainly used for watering seedlings and greenhouses.


  • Pump assembly: to provide the appropriate pressure and flow rate to the facility.
  • Filtering: should have a thickness of filtration to ensure that the nozzles are not obstructed..
  • System application of water soluble products
  • Pipe Network.
  • Nebulizers


  • Installing buried with PVC or PE and accessories needed.
  • Installing air pipes PE with the support system, microtubes and connection systems microsprinklers.