Novedades Agrícolas has a team of professionals ready to design the watering system that best adapts to your needs (small gardens, housing estates, golf courses, recreational areas, and green spaces in general).



Our technical department undertakes the design of the facilities, making use of state-of-the-art calculation and facility-design computer programs.



In the Novedades Agrícolas Irrigation Stores you will find a broad range of materials to adapt to green spaces, as well as a large stock of programmers, sprinklers, sprays, drippers, fountains, pipes, accessories in general, that will allow you to have what you need at any moment.


The assembly department can install the system in your garden or green space, carry out the work in turnkey fashion, and remain at your service with its after-sales service during 365 days a year.

  • Sprinkler Irrigation

     Novedades Agricolas is a company specializes in irrigation systems.Since its inception makes designs and Sprinkler Irrigation installations to make the
  • XILEMA® Fertigation

      XILEMA® is an automatic equipment for injecting fertilizers into the watering system that provides greater control over your operation.
  • Drip Irrigation

    Novedades Agricolas,designs and installs for over 35 years ago drip irrigation systems, which can be customized to specific customer needs.
  • Micro Sprinkler Irrigation

    Novedades Agricolas makes microsprinkler facilities and broadcasters in different types of crops and situations..    The micro-sprinklers are intended to
  • Recirculating Water Systems

      Recirculation irrigation drainage systems via hydroponics optimize the use of water by reusing it so that could be reincorporated
  • Automatic Watering System

    For optimal irrigation management always convenient, as far as possible, have automatic irrigation control systems. Advantages: This has a number
  • Hydroponic Irrigation

    Hydroponics is defined as: Irrigation system whereby crop roots receive a balanced nutrient solution dissolved in water with all the
  • Fog Irrigation System

    Nebulizers produce fine mist, the pressurized water flows through a narrow hole, so that the produced jet crashes into a
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