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Multi-seasonal dripline with bond-on emitter.

Ø 16
Models: 1.0L - 1.6L - 2.3L - 3.0L - 3.5L

Multi-seasonal dripline with bond-on emitter.
Ø 16 y Ø 20
Models: 1.0L - 1.6L - 2.2L - 4L
Dripline with pressure-compensating dripper.
Ø 16
Models: 1.6L - 2.2L - 4.0L
Thinwall dripline with bond-on emitter.
Model 160: 1.0L CPT - 1.6L - 2.5L
Nominal Thickness: 0.20 mm (8mil) - 0.25mm (10mil) -
0.38 mm (15mil) - 0.45 mm (15 mil)
Integral dripline.
Ø 16
Models: 1.6L - 2.2L - 4.0L


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