Clips for Crop Support

 Clips for pepper plant:


In pepper plantations pruning will not be used because the crop support system is placing strings at both sides of the plant row, and at different heights. As the plant grows the placement of the pepper clip becomes necessary, so that the plant does not fall over due to the weight of the fruit and the plant height.


For this reason the clip is placed perpendicular to the string that descends from the wire, and the clip secured on the string with a half turn, the two toothed parts of the ends hold the horizontal crop support strings, with which the row of plants is completely secure and with no risk of falling over.



The recommended distance between vertical strings is from 1.5 to 2 metres approximately, and at each height of horizontal wire it is necessary to place a clip, the number of horizontal wires in a plantation is usually in 4-5 approx., according to its vigour.

Manufactured in black polypropylene and, on request, in other colours.

Box size: 60x40x30 mm;
Units: 10,000, approx.
Weight / piece: 1.6 gr.



Clips for tomato plants:



In outdoor plantations, or in greenhouses, when the tomato plant will be supported with string that is fastened to the wire, either by means of a hanger or tied directly to the same, it becomes necessary to fasten the plant to the string during the growth, and for this the clip is used. Two models are manufactured, both in white polypropylene, and on demand, in other colours.



  • Standard Model: ideal for small plantations, it is of less weight, secure and with string. Box size: 60x40x30 cm. Units: 5,000. Approx. weight / piece: 1.45 gr.
  • Quick Model: ideal for large plantations, very easy, safe and quick to mount, Box size: 60x40x40 cm. Units: 5,000. Approx. weight / piece: 2 gr.

Use of the super clip in vineyard plantations in trellis:
In the new vineyards, once the main stalk has reached the wire, two arms are left which are guided lengthwise by the wire. The way the plant is held to the wire is achieved by means of this clip, black in colour, which has a long duration assured thanks to its ultraviolet treatment.

Use of the toothed clip in vineyard plantations in trellis:
This trellis crop support system is characterized by having two wires running together lengthwise in parallel, by means of which the vineyard growth is introduced, so that this passes without difficulty between the two longitudinal wires. It is used in black colour with ultraviolet treatment.


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