The Humifito® units are systems designed to fog phytosanitary liquids in greenhouses with a total coverage of the area to be treated in an automatic mode, without the presence of operatives and with a very uniform distribution of the application obtained from the diffusion of the fog produced under conditions of saturated air.

They can also be employed as a cooling system in greenhouses and other premises.


A Humifito® unit consists of:

Hydraulic equipment:

  • Tank for preparation of the phytosanitary liquid and agitation system.
  • Pressurization unit.
  • Filtration head.
  • Distribution networks and sectoring of total cover
  • The fogging is done in the top part of the area to be treated, with the objective of covering the entire volume.


Pneumatic equipment:

  • Screw compressor with filtration system and cooling plant - condensation of the compressed air.


Distribution networks and sectoring.

  • Humifito® fogging mouthpieces: foggers that allow the application of low water flows at atmospheric pressure, assisted by compressed air (4-6 bar) with an excellent micronizing quality.


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