The Invermóvil consists of a new construction procedure by means of which the risks of working at height are avoided to a great extent, as most of the structure of the greenhouse is mounted at ground level and then lifted into its definitive position making use of motor-driven reduction gear systems.

The improvements sought in this project are based fundamentally on reducing the hours that the operative is working at height, but keeping in mind that the costs of the new system must not be excessively high so that the product can be competitive in the marketplace.




  • Redesign of the column head whereby it is divided in two independent parts, which can be joined later at the elevation of the adjoining tunnels, so that the tunnels can be erected independently of each other.

  • Placement of the lifting motor at the base of the column, for which it is necessary to have a large plate fixed to the ground by means of a welded tube with plate and journal with internal bearings.






  • Electric motor
  • Support of motors fixation to pillar
  • Pulleys
  • Split column
  • New column bands
  • Bearing block for drive tube
  • Winch head


  • Plate
  • Anchorages of moving parts
  • Electric system for motors
  • Control system for motor operation
  • Traction cables
  • Chanelling
  • S-Hook
  • Tensor