Systèmes de désinfection et de circuits recirculés


Avantages de l’équipement :

Ce nouveau concept de traitement apporte une série d’avantages qui font de lui une des meilleurs options de part son prix que par la qualité apportée.

    La désinfection est très efficace.
  • Recirculation systems employ different materials, either PE or sheet, which serve to accommodate the different types of substrate.





In the most common case is to use:

  • Rockwool
  • Perlite
  • Coir
  • or Water solution directly on said fertilizer + channels.


For substrates, there is a surplus of water + fertilizer that the plant does not absorb and to be collected at a point on the farm.

This surplus must be disinfected and re-injected into the irrigation network, in order to make a comprehensive use of water and fertilizer, thereby saving money and mainly to prevent contamination of aquifers.




Different systems are applied in APR Greenhouses & Technology, but mainly:

  • Disinfection by chlorination

  • Disinfection by UV

  • Disinfection by ozone