Flower Greenhouses

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Growing flowers is one that major climatic demands required for their production because flower production requires specific temperatures and specific photoperiod depending on the species being grown.


Thus we find, depending on the crop and the area, the different types of production, regarding the climatic requirements are necessary:

Polytunnel Greenhouses Growing:

Demanding crops flowers in climate for production require much more technology greenhouses:

  • Forced ventilation systems
  • Shade screens and artificial lighting systems to control the photoperiod
  • Hydroponic production systems.

The greenhouses used in this production are much more tight than the other greenhouses models and allow better climate control:

  • Chapel Greenhouses
  • Gothic Greenhouses
  • Asymmetric or Tropical Greenhouses

Traditional Greenhouses Growing:

This type of culture is when the environmental conditions are not favorable for the crop in certain periods, when the goal is to keep a certain temperature at night higher than summer climate, and keep high temperatures in winter, so greenhouses are open, with natural ventilation. These greenhouses models usually are:

  • Parral or Flat Greenhouses
  • Tunnel Greenhouses
  • Greenhouse Backbone Structures

Crops in nethouses or mesh greenhouses:

The cultivation in nethouses has its uses in areas where the climate is optimal for growing flowers, because its function is protection against inclement weather such as wind or hail, besides bringing on the cultivation by the microclimate generated inside.

Which greenhouse is the most suitable for Flowers growing?

From the technical point of view are more convenient polytunnel greenhouses facilities for flower production, as they allow an exhaustive control of climate parameters, and favor good control of pests and diseases.

Production system

Depending on the way flowers are grown (cut or potted flowers). We will have the following systems:

Cut flowers growing:

  • Growing in Soil: plantings on the floor. This type of culture, eventually, leads to problems in the root of diseases due to the continuous production of the same species in a particular area.
  • Growing in bags or substrate containers: eliminates the problem of soil depletion, since, depending on the type of substrate used, substrate cleaning tasks can be performed.
  • Tray crops: normally produced for the plant production through cuttings.

Culture in flowerpot:

  • Flowerpot: Growing occurs in the final container for sale.