An intensive agriculture project, be it outdoors or in greenhouse-protected cultivation, needs personnel that are prepared both technically and professionally.


Successful cultivation will be directly related with the level of training of the people responsible for handling the project, for this reason it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of the type of cultivation that we will carry out, the pests and diseases that can affect it in the area where it is located, the most appropriate fertigation, the tasks inherent therein, the handling of the climate control, as well as familiarity with the technology installed in each project.

The combination of all these factors will determine the obtaining of harvests in the quantity and quality to make your operation profitable.



 Two course modalities are offered:

Programmed courses on intensive agriculture:
  • Where the following is studied and practiced in depth: fertigation, climate control, substrates, biological control, etc. These courses are imparted throughout the year.

Courses tailored to our clients’ needs:

  • In these cases a specific program is prepared taking into account the type of crop and the technology which will be available. This is a course tailored to our clients in which the training they request can be given, it being possible to obtain instruction in aspects like sowing, phytosanitary treatments, biological control, fertigation, climate control, as well as everything for managing the technology that is incorporated in their project.