Climate Controller - CLIMATEC®

The crops depend on many factors, and although we provide the appropriate levels of nutrients and control the EC and pH levels of the irrigation water, we cannot guarantee the success of our harvest.

To achieve high quality crops, in addition to meeting the preceding conditions, it is necessary to control other variables such as the temperature, humidity, ventilation, brightness, and the supply of CO2. For this we have to make use of a control system.


The climate control systems allow the environmental conditions to be regulated and make it possible to obtain the best production. In Novedades Agricolas we work so that your earnings do not depend solely on your effort.


Controlador Climático Climatec®

The Climatec Climate Controller is able to bring forward the environmental needs of any type of plant, as well as controlling the different environmental agents (ventilation, heating, heat screens or shading, humidification, destratification units), the alarms and the different standard programs.



 Climatec incorporates a program for its management in Windows and a communication system with the PC.

This whole technology facilitates climate control, besides signifying an important saving in time and energy for the farmer, because it optimizes the performance of the technology applied to the greenhouse.


Climatec® manages:

  • The humidity system.

  • LThe screens: for energy saving and shade.

  • The heating: of water or hot air.

  • The destratifiers.

  • Windows.


Climatec® incorporates:

  • A controller with independent operation from your computer.

  • Different options: 2, 4, 6 environmental compartments.

  • A single weather station for several controllers that can have sensors for: wind speed and direction, Relative Humidity, Temperature, Rainfall, Radiation.

  • Astronomical timing.
  • Possibility of Software running on Windows for your computer.

  • It is possible to connect several compatible units for both watering and environment to your computer.