Natural Ventilation


In Novedades Agrícolas we have built up the experience and know-how to supply and install the ventilation systems best suited to your greenhouse.




Air is employed in transpiration, respiration and photosynthesis.

An appropriate rate of changing the interior air together with an adequate movement can provide optimum levels of temperature, hygrometric deficit and concentration of carbon dioxide uniformly throughout the volume of the greenhouse.






Natural Ventilation Systems
(windows, doorways, roll-up panels, etc.):

The passive systems of natural ventilation consist of openings made in roofs, sides and/or fronts of greenhouses like windows, doorways, roll-up panels, etc., of different geometry and inclination, which, with the help of different mechanisms, can be opened and closed manually and/or automatically, under the control of the ventilation strategy of a climate controller.






 Systems include:

  • Windows: folding or tilting openings, etc.

  • Anti-trips screens: element that covers the surface of the window opening for the purpose of avoiding the intrusion of insect pests and preventing them from reaching the plants.

  • Traction Systems: sets of ironworks and reduction gears (automatic drive), employed in the system for opening and closing windows.

  • Installation of electrification system for reduction-gear motors


Ventilation Systems:

Zenith 1/3 Arc

Zenith 1/2 Arc

Super-Zenith 1/4 Arc