Vertical Farming


New challenges of modern agriculture

The world is facing many challenges to feed the population, increase crop productivity and respect the sustainability of the planet. Agricultural models must adapt to this new situation in order to be competitive and make the best use of resources:

Increasing population and demand for food. By 2050, a large increase in population is expected, which will require production that is 50% higher than today. In addition, we must take into account that out of 9.7 billion people, it is estimated that more than 6.5 billion will be living in urban spaces.

Scarce arable land. Arable land is becoming increasingly scarce. It is estimated that only 10% of production will come from new arable land, with the remaining 90% requiring an increase in production and efficiency of current cultivated land.

Scarcity of resources. Climate change will increase the global shortage of resources, especially water and energy. Many countries will begin to take action by penalizing their excessive use. The agricultural sector is responsible for 70% of the global water resource. It is our responsibility to take measures for efficient use.


A new light in the service of healthier plants, people and the planet.

Novagric works to develop integral solutions in the sector that build a healthy, profitable and sustainable agriculture.

Thanks to the development of technologies that allow the control and management of indoor crops in the vertical dimension, the production in height indoors gives a new perspective and plays a key role in the way of producing food.

This way of cultivation has a huge potential to face these new challenges and to be able to answer many of the questions that today's consumers ask about the origin, sustainability and health of the food they eat.

Vertical Farming Modules

99% less land and 95% less water to grow crops without pesticides.

Novagric's vertical cultivation modules allow us to unify the latest technological advances in system control and management without giving up high production. A scalable, sustainable and resistant food system that our near future needs. This cultivation system is built to create the perfect environment for the plants giving them exactly what they want, using less space, water and transportation than traditional methods.


Module structure

The structure is designed and manufactured by Novagric with its own resources in white lacquered galvanized steel and combined with a sandwich panel enclosure. The disposition tries to take advantage of the maximum available space and to obtain an environment that allows the watertightness and the good air exchange in a controlled way.

Air conditioning

Indoor plants have very precise climatic requirements. The modules can be equipped with cooling and/or heating, relative humidity control, renewals and homogenization of the air relative to the environment to filter and maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for the crops. A system that can be configured in a manual, semi-automatic or automatic way to make a continuous monitoring of the culture variables and to program the answers.


Solar panels

The module has solar panels that serve as shading to protect the space from direct solar radiation, while reducing energy consumption.

LED Lighting

The LED lights used in our modules are fully configurable in spectrum and intensity to provide the ideal amount of light for plant growth, with reduced consumption compared to sodium.


We use irrigation without substrate in independent modules with different levels and NFT channels that take full advantage of the number of plants in each level and linear extension. The system (manual, semi or automatic) consists of a tank, pump, filter and recirculating network.


Wide range of growing possibilities

The high degree of customization allows us to emulate almost any climatic condition: The planting frames, surface, height, as well as the spectrum of light that the plants receive are some of the customizable parameters.


This new model of vertical farming is presented as a key alternative to feed the growing world population

In the vertical farms the crops grow in a controlled environment suitable for each species. The result of working with these technologies is predictable and consistent production throughout the year, with fresh produce grown locally free of pesticides that are not affected by bad weather:


Local, fresh, quality product

They offer the possibility of using soils that are agronomically uncultivable: due to urban occupation, salinity, climate, among other limitations.

As a consequence, the cultivable areas are enlarged and the product is brought closer to the final consumer by promoting local agriculture.

Eliminating long distance transport we achieve:

  • Increase the freshness and taste of the products.
  • Increase the time of conservation, since they can arrive from the harvest to the local store in a few hours.
  • Reduce emissions and costs related to transportation.

Pesticide free

It is not necessary to use pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals.

The controlled isolation of the system, together with interior conditions unattractive to most insects, as well as the very speed of the cultivation cycles, make the productions practically immune to the problems of pests and fungi, thus avoiding the use of pesticides.


Zero Waste and Sustainable Footprint

Savings over 95% guaranteed compared to non-recycling systems.

Our irrigation systems are designed to reuse resources and achieve dramatic savings in nutrient solution and water. Each plant receives exactly the amount of purified water it needs. Any excess water is recycled through a closed-loop irrigation system, resulting in greatly reduced water consumption and zero waste.


Clean Energy

High energy efficiency thanks to the use of renewable energies.

The energy of these modules is generated by solar panels that serve as shading to protect the space from direct solar radiation, while reducing consumption and partially reversing the overall energy cost of the explanation.


Production all year round

Unlike outdoor agriculture, performance in vertical agriculture modules is practically 100% guaranteed

The production systems in controlled environments allow the development of the plants during the 365 days of the year, independently of the external climatic conditions. Furthermore, a better use of space, together with the acceleration of the cultivation cycles, finally results in an increase in the number of harvests.


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