Ultraviolet Treatment


Different pathogens are present in irrigation water (bacteria, virus, nematodes) and they are the cause of various very serious illnesses in humans as well as in animals and vegetables. Disinfection is recommended to prevent their transmission and spreading through this medium.


Our technical department can offer you the best solution in order to be able to reuse the drainage from your soil-less plants, reuse waste water from human and industrial processes, mitigate the problems of transmitting illnesses through irrigation water, adapt the sanitary conditions of the water for its use in fruit and vegetable washing processes, for sanitary use, etc.





This is an effective system for disinfection of irrigation water based on the physical germicidal principle of ultraviolet radiation (UV-C). A precise dimensioning of the process allows the totally effective treatment bacteria and nematodes, including virus.


Its use is recommended in the reuse of drainage water and in potabilization for human consumption.

The system has the following elements:

  • Fow speed filtration by means of sand bed with counter-flushing.
  • An essential element in the process for the purpose of low-turbidity conditioning of the water to be treated.
  • Chamber with low pressure UV radiation lamp.
  • Sensor of UV radiation intensity for controlling the dose and the water transmission.
  • System for cleaning of the lamp with acid dosage unit.
  • Circuit with automatic return for production control and cleaning the UV lamp.