Tuesday, 25 October 2016 09:37

First 14,40 meters Greenhouse Structure. The widest structure for maximum luminosity

APR installs first 14,40 meter APR Lux structures


Over the last two decades the plastic greenhouse industry has seen a major change with the increase of the standard bay size. Where 6,4 meters was the standard 20 years ago, a width of 8, 9,60 and later on 12,80 meters became more popular when growers started their search for more light.

The latest model that has now come to stay among the greatest is the greenhouse with 14,40 meters wide. Novedades Agrícolas in its commitment to innovation and performance designs and manufactures this new wide APR greenhouse model named APR Lux.


invernadero apr nuevo modelo


APR Lux is the ideal design for growers that are looking for immense brightness. The greenhouse does not only allow more light to enter the crop, but there is also better ventilation. As well as this there are few obstructions inside the greenhouse, and therefore it provides better accessibility to the work inside.

This new APR Lux model is already a reality in markets such as Mexico where they have been built and where growers have proved their competitiveness and the big impact on crop productivity.


Currently APR is working on the development of new greenhouse models that are even wider in order to maximize production, performance and production quality.

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