Greenhouse Structures


Greenhouse structures vary depending on the greenhouse model. Basically, we find foundation, supporting structure. These are the basic components of Polytunnel or Multi-span Greenhouse.

Our greenhouse structures are made of the following elements:




Supports are elements of the structure which performs the locking and transmission of forces to the ground.

Its dimensions depend on the particle size and cohesion of soil particles and the efforts they have to endure.




Its function is to carry the greenhouse roof.

Its dimensions depend on the design of the greenhouse and the efforts they support.




Structural element placed on top of the pillars linking trusses to the pillars, discharging its weight in these, and on which evacuation channels are placed.




Fences function is to carry the roofing material.

The archs design is based on the form with which capture the most solar radiation, depending on weather conditions and terrain cover material.

The trusses are composed of arcs ridge, bar culture, pendolones and reinforcement of the front trusses (trusses from the first to the second) at the same time.

Evacuation Channels


Evacuation Channels

Its function is the evacuation of rainwater.

The water volume able to leave a channel depends on the development of the steel plate with which it is manufactured.

It is essential the weatherability and continuous contact with water, so the galvanized type used is SENDZIMIR Z-275 (being able to offer other types of material, or galvanized), as well as connection systems between channels, ensuring the gasket (silicone rubber grommets, etc.).



. Reinforcements

Support profiles installed in the greenhouse in order to reduce some of the efforts that support the pillars.

There are basically two types:

  • perimeter 
  • interior.

The perimeter reinforcements can be vertical or diagonal reinforcement and inner reinforcements are K or St Andrew's cross

Zenital windows


Zenital windows

These windows are installed in the greenhouse roof, and four standard types are produced:

  • Zenith 1/3 Arch,
  • Zenith arch 1/2, 1/4
  • Super zenith Bow and
  • Butterfly.

In turn, the zenith opening windows can be manual or automated using gearmotors. In addition to the front and side windows, which can also be opened manually or automated.

Fall Protection


Fail Protection:

We are really concerned about job security, so we stand at the edge of the ridge of the greenhouse fall-protection system, which are some hurdles to ensure adequate protection against possible accidents in some operations and replacement of the plastic film, as well as maintenance.




Grid-shaped structure, made of wire, which serves for the staking of crops, such as tomatoes or peppers.

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