Agricultural Irrigation


Project Development Phase

Agricultural projects begin with a phase of propose development of the best irigation system for the farm in question, depending on access to water resources and the type of production concerned.

Commercial Instance

The project of an irrigation system begins with a report by the Technical Department of Novedades Agricolas, based on the needs of the customer for installation.

Development of project

After determining all the needs, the technical department proceed to calculate and design the irrigation system, which performs the optimal design technically and economically speaking.

Phase of Technical Offer

Once the irrigation system design is made, the technical department of Novedades Agrícolas carry out the memory of the technical offer, which describe the design made, its dimensions and materials.

Once the technical offer is complete, the technical department presents the offer to trade for review and he will finally submit the project to the client for subsequent acceptance or, where appropriate, to add different changes to the project that may be requested by the customer.