Air Heating

Heating systems:

Drop in the temperature of the plants below the optimum minimum causes different physiological disorders, ailments, vegetative halt, etc.



In Novedades Agrícolas we have much experience and the best solutions to adopt for your greenhouse, your geographical location, the different fuels available, etc.




Heating system with hot-air generators:

The heating systems with hot-air generators are systems recommended in locations with mild minimum outdoor temperatures, with plants that do not have a very demanding optimum minimum temperature, or for projects where the aim is to undertake an improvement in the operation by means of an earlier growth and production of the crop in cold periods with a moderate level of technology.

They are also a suitable solution in projects where it is only necessary to have an equipment to operate as a safety backup to counteract freezing conditions.





The operation of a hot-air generator consists in the generation of heat from a given fuel in a hearth, an integral part of an air-to-air heat exchanger.

The fuel is burned in the hearth with the help of an atmospheric or pressurized burner, according to the model. On the secondary side of the exchanger the heat is evacuated into the greenhouse air, usually with the use of a helical fan.

An appropriate number and arrangement of the generators, together with an adequate air flow and range of the fans, allow an adequate distribution of the hot air throughout the whole greenhouse.