Water-based Heating

Heating Systems:

Most of the intensive cultivation in greenhouses has cycles that arise during the cold season. A drop in the temperature of the plants below the optimum minimum causes different physiological disorders, ailments, vegetative halt, etc., on the other hand the appearance of freezing weather with extremely low temperatures of sufficient duration can produce the death of the plant or the total loss of the crop.


In Novedades Agrícolas we have long experience in the installation and maintenance of heating systems capable of providing the ideal temperature for your crop.

With the best solutions adapted to your greenhouse, your geographical location, the different fuels available, etc., in an integral format and always with a view to a profitable investment.





Our technical department, after an appropriate study, can offer you the best solution for installing your heating system with sufficient power and the essential elements for a proper operation.


Central heating system (hot water):

The central heating systems are recommended in locations with low minimum outdoor temperatures where high temperature differentials are necessary between the interior and the exterior, with crops that have a demanding optimum minimum temperature, and in projects where the aim is to run the operation with high productivity and with a high level of technology.

In many cases the installation is integrated as part of the cultivation system of the greenhouse, the heating networks serving, for example, as the base for the rail system of the tilling carts between the plant lines, transport of the crop, machinery movement, etc., and in other cases as a working tool in the control of transpiration and the ambient humidity, disease control, etc.





The generators employed, usually hot water boilers, have different technologies and designs, according to their higher or lower power rating and performance. In high power generators units are used with three vapour passes, with large heating surfaces and water volumes that allow the combustion gases to be used as a source of carbonic fertilization for the crops, the installation then has a twofold use, and other systems like hot water accumulation tanks, expansion systems, condensers or vapour recovery units conform a single group.