Job and Production Record System

This is a system specially suitable for the processing of operation and production data of the personnel working in the farm.

The system comprises several consoles placed in the field, where the operative introduces the data (starting time, line number of the crop, task to be carried out, kg harvested, finishing time......). This information is passed to the Computer located in the nearby office where it can be analysed as a whole. It constitutes an effective tool for taking decisions.

The system records:
    • P- Staff presence (starting time, finishing time.....)
    • Tasks performed (planting, binding, training, pruning....)
    • Production
    • Different situations (pests, disease, tearn plastics, loses in the watering system....)
Information can be obtained like:
    • Yields (pieces harvested/m2/hour)
    • Cost of the different jobs (planting, binding, pruning....)
    • Productivity (by areas, by variety......)
    • Important warnings of faults, breakdowns, general condition of the plants...


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