Ground-cover meshes:

The ground-cover meshes are cloths fabricated with polyethylene fabrics, which assure their long durability. .

The objective of the mesh is mainly to prevent weeds from proliferating and to keep the ground clear.

In some cases, depending on the colour, they can have more pronounced properties. Thus, those coloured black absorb more heat and those that are white reflect the solar rays better. Therefore, depending on the crop cycle or on the properties that best adapt to our needs, one type or another will be used.

In general they are permeable to water, avoiding the formation of puddles.

Anti-trip nets:

The anti-trip nets, as the name suggests, serve to prevent the entrance of harmful insects of minute size. They also prevent the beneficial insects escaping when we are using crop-growing systems that employ biological control.

Depending on the degree of ventilation and of the type of insects that we intend to keep out, different grid thicknesses are used, but the most usual are 20x10 and 16x10.