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Systems of evaporative cooling panels:

The systems of evaporative cooling panels are systems that aim to provide the most appropriate temperature and humidity in the different compartments that require conditioning, all of which is achieved by the renewing the interior air with air from outside which has had its temperature reduced and its humidity increased by means of the evaporation produced as it passes through a panel with cells of different inclination and arrangement.

The air so treated is displaced through the enclosure from its entrance to its exit, extracting the heat load and providing the temperature and humidity conditions required by the plants, animals and personnel.





A set of evaporative panels includes:


  • Fans: they provide the renewal of the air volume held. They are usually fans of the helical type with shutter blinds, working in extractor mode.

  • Evaporative panel: fabricated usually with cellulose sheets folded at different angles, joined to form a panel of cells.

  • Wet wall of evaporative panels: the panels used are wetting with water. The wall has a wetting channel in its top part and a drainage channel for concentrates at the bottom.