Low Pressure - Fogger


The management of the different environmental factors that interact in a greenhouse and that often determine a successful crop, is one of the specialties that APR Greenhouses & Technology is able to make real with the best results, offering its clients contrasted experience and optimum solutions.



Systems of low pressure fogging:

The systems of low pressure misting are systems designed to increase the humidity and achieve the cooling in greenhouses at least cost. They are systems recommended for correcting conditions of high moisture deficit during the first phases of cultivation and avoid excessive temperatures.





A low pressure fogging unit comprises:

  • Pressurization unit: electric pump to deliver the flow and pressure that are specified for the mouthpieces.

  • Filtration head. Distribution networks and sectoring of cover.

  • Misting mouthpieces: system that allows the application of low water flows at a relatively low pressure (1-4 bar) with sufficiently small drop sizes to favour their evaporation in the air. An adequate distribution in number, as well as the position and the direction of each of the mouthpieces allow the best results to be obtained.