Fog System

Our technical department is able to offer you the best fogging and misting systems according to the needs of each project.


The high pressure fogging systems

The high-pressure fogging systems are systems designed to increase humidity and achieve cooling in greenhouses and spaces where it is necessary to obtain the maximum range and the best features from the fogging systems, and also to offer the quality of a “dry” fogging.


These systems are recommended for obtaining atmospheres with:

  • High relative humidity in nurseries
  • Germination chambers
  • Grafting rooms
  • Farms
  • Premises with controlled atmospheres
  • Air conditioning processes where the cooling of the air is necessary by means of evaporative conditioning with the best possible performance.



A high pressure fogging unit consists of:

  • Equipo de pretratamiento físico – químico del agua de alimentación.

  • Physical and chemical pre-treatment for the feed water.

  • Pressurization unit.

  • Distribution networks.

  • Misting mouthpieces: system that allows the application of low water flows at high pressure (50-80 bar) with drop sizes sufficiently small to favour their evaporation in the air producing “dry” vapour.