Greenhouses Construction

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The greenhouse construction starts in a workshop, manufacturing arcs, pillars, leads, bars, canals, corners and reinforcements, for the case of chapel, tunnel, asymmetric or tropical and gothic greenhouses. The blackbone greenhouses strcutures or Almeria models are built directly in the project location.

Following the chronology of an assembly process type for polytunnel greenhouses models (multispan, gothic, asymmetrical-tropical) is list below:

1. Earthmoving and level surface

The first phase of the construction and assembly of a greenhouse is leveling the surface where it is installed, which involves the movement of relevant land to the correct level according to the criteria for the disposal of water and inclinations to improve working conditions in the greenhouse.

  • Clearing and grading: Starts with cleanliness and suitability of the land for their own work of earthmoving.
  • Sockets and embankments: If the surface where the greenhouse is installed is too irregular we will require the design and construction of cuts and / or embankments in order to adjust the surface leveling restrictions for the design of the greenhouse.
  • Leveling:The last phase of earthwork is leveling the ground under the terms of design.

2. Set out and preparation of the foundation

In this phase, the greenhouse plant is plotted on the ground or on the foundation plan, marking the places where they must carry out the excavation for the foundation according to the project. Subsequently the excavation is performed by bits.

3. Reception of materials. Preassembly at work:

Receipt of materials on site for later use is made. They are stacked in a construction area adjacent to the greenhouse surface. The tasks performed are the following ones:

  • Anticorrosive treatment on the surface in contact with the columns shoes using tar.
  • Installation of the capitals.
  • Pre-assembly of the arches in the cover, bar culture, pendolones and arms window for subsequent placement (It may be that the assembly of the arch is made on the ground before installation or elements as bars crop or pendolones are assembled a posteriori once the arc is placed).
  • Placement of the C Profiles (clamping of the plastic film) in the gutters

4. Assembly of the greenhouse:


Placement of pillars and foundations. The foundation of the pillars consists of cylindrical concrete footings made in the work. The installation of the pillars is done once poured concrete basement. Previously anticorrosion treatment is performed to the base of the pillars with tar. Once they are installed we have to check that aren not inclined and the concrete is left to set up.


Once the pillar is installed, it comes the placement of the capital thereof, and then the gutters are assembled.


After installation of the canals, we proceed to the assembly of the trusses. First rising and placing the arches of the cover once they are preassembled in the work place.


Mounting the grid on the surfaces of cover and sides, attaching them to the side pillars of the greenhouse and structural reinforcements.


After the assembly of the structure it comes the installation of roofing material and finally proceeds to finish the shots that are riding auxiliary facilities such as overhead windows opening system, conservatory greenhouses doors, etc.