Cost and Budget of Greenhouses

Phases of budget construction

1. Commercial Instance

The development phase of a project begins with a detailed description of customer needs transmitted to commercial technician of Novedades Agricolas S.A. This prepares a report for the technical department in which he specifies the project conditions.

2. Preparation of the offer

Knowing the constraints of the project, the technical team of Novedades Agricolas,S.A., make the best offer from both standpoint, technical and economic.

Phases of technical offer

• Greenhouse Model

The bid submitted may consist of one or more different types of greenhouses that APR designs and manufacture, depending on the project specifications.

• Dimensions

The dimensions of the greenhouses are standardized according to the catalog, although in some cases, special measures may be made to present the best conditions in the greenhouses production process.

• The choice of the structural materials

Depending on weather, economic and structural conditions, materials that make up the structure of the greenhouses are chosen.

• Choice of cover materials

The choice of roofing material is made based on agronomic criteria pursuant to mechanical and thermal behavior and its transparency to solar radiation.

• Automation

Depending on the degree of automation that requires the client to control the growing conditions, the technical team of Novedades Agricolas S.A. will incorporate into the project the equipment descriptions necessary as well as the additional facilities required.


Once the technical offer has been made, the technical department of Novedades Agricolas S.A. presents the offer to the commercial specialist for reviewing and he finally submitte the project to the client for subsequent acceptance or, where appropriate, to add the different changes that may be requested by the customer.