Greenhouses Design



The structure and design of the greenhouse are calculated by the Department of Novedades Agricolas S.A. in collaboration with the University of Almería (UAL) according to the requirements of the "UNE-EN 13031-1, Greenhouses. Design and construction".

The calculation methodology used is based on the Finite Element Method. Used for this purpose the Robot Millennium v.20.1 program, comparing the results with tests of manual calculation and the results of other shows like "RamSeries".

Loading assumptions adopted for the calculations, in general terms, taking into account the different models, are:

  • Snow or Hail.
  • Weight of crop: in case the crop is hung on wires.
  • Wind speed.


The design is made according to customer specifications, among which include:

  • The type of crop.
  • The climate of the area.
  • The terrain conditions, etc.

Project Description

The technical team of Novedades Agricolas,S.A., makes a detailed description of the design of the greenhouse, stating:

Project plans.

Once all the parameters that affect project design are determined, Construction plans of the greenhouses spacial configuration are made, setting out the structure, where the elements that compose it, the plans of the auxiliary systems and the greenhouse automation will be installed.