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Greenhouses Fabric & Greenhouses Manufacturers

Novedades Agricolas, under its APR brand, designs, develops and manufactures greenhouse structures for the most developed and technological agriculture. The main factory is located in Mazarrón, Murcia (SPAIN):

TURNKEY Projects

APR is specialized in industrial enginerreing projects ofintensive agriculture and Turnkey Projects all over the world.


We are specialized in:


  • Almacén
  • Greenhouses
  • Screens
  • Fertigation
  • Climate Control
  • Humification Systems
  • Heating Systems
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Reservoirs
  • Accesories (Travelling Irrigators, Harvesting Trolleys, clips, hangers, sublimators, etc.)
  • as well as agronomic advice


Technical Department:

They are responsible for calculating the various models of greenhouses, as well as the University of Almería and the Metal Technology Centre of Murcia, always under the regulations.

Production and Logistics Department:

The Department of Production and Logistics manage manufacturing, quality and delivery, strict adherence to agreed deadlines.

Greenhouse Fabric

Inside the factory we have the machinery, and labor required for management and renovation / adaptation of the materials (mainly steel) under greenhouse design specialist. Within the machinery we have hydraulic presses, saws, bending, folding, roll, crane, eccentric press, welding machine PE film.



Components of a greenhouse

- Structural profiles (arches, pillars, reinforcements)

The handling of such materials, large sizes, takes place in the center of the expeditions to optimize transportation.

Benders are available for bows and arches, presses, drills, saws, for the preparation of pillars, bar culture, braces, braces, suspenders, etc. It also has a welding plant for the realization of doors, vestibules and special components.

- Derivatives sheets (gutters, angles, shots...)

Also in the dispatch center it has a section for handling. Sheet. It features CNC bending, shear and punching. In this section the gutters, angular and auctions are performed

- Profiles fixing enclosures (H profile, C profile)

These products are manufactured in roll forming, starting from a specific system rollers each (H profile, C-profile, U-profile, etc.).

- Profiles fixing enclosures (PVC Clips...)

Just as plastic extruders group companies, We manufacture PVC clip.

- Mold Filling (brackets and capitals...)

Manufacturing hooks, clamps, and a total of 50 different parts, is made from sheet metal by drawing and presses either hydraulic or centrifugal. Each piece is made using a specific die.

- Enclosures (Plastic)

Normally for plastic greenhouses we need an associated supplier company that meets the quality requirements that we demand.

- Enclosures (Mesh)

Likewise, for the acquisition of meshes also we have an associated provider who guaranteed quality criteria.

- Electrical panels and automation:

At our installations in Mula (Xilema Factory) we have a team of fully qualified professionals to ensure the best quality standards.