Drip Emitters


Gums dropper or pipelines are carrying issuers that are installed on farms on which the drippers are inserted.

The number of eye dropper installed generally depends on the following aspects:

  • On the dropper type and the flow supplied.
  • On the soil texture.
  • On the water needs of the crop.
  • On the plantation frame.

Types of irrgation emitters drops

Depending on the type of dropper bearing and type of irrigation done, the following types of rubber dropper can be distinguished:

  • Porta issuers simple pipe: to drippers punctured and inserted.
  • Porta issuers pipe with integrated drippers.
  • Micro pipe: for micro irrigation in hydroponic systems.
  • Irrigation Tapes: perforated pipes are normally buried at shallow depth and irrigation is applied through small holes.
  • Exudation or porous pipes: They are pipelines, when applying water at a certain pressure, they start to supply water by microportes that have in its surface.