Travelling Irrigators for Seedlings


Novedades Agricolas install irrigation tanks for seedlings, that allow to automate irrigation and make a uniform distribution of the inputs of water and fertilizers.



The system consists of a bar suspended above the plants carrying spray nozzles arranged and / or pesticide treatments.

A rail system disposed along the tunnel allows the bar with the nozzles can move driven by the motor which is controlled by the automation.

The irrigation system allows widths of 9.6 meters for standard greenhouses, and variable length can range from 120-140 meters. so as to achieve maximum utilization in both width and length.

Optionally it can be adapted to special measures of greenhouses that exceed these dimensions.


The carriage drive is achieved by means of a controller that can be connected to a PC, and where we can program the working parameters easily and conveniently such as carriage speed, number of passes, areas of no irrigation, irrigation with water alone, with water more fertilizer, etc.



The team consists of:

  • Pumping System:  to provide the required flow.
  • Filtration System Water supply: according to the size of the nozzle which we will use, so that seals will not occur.
  • Automatic controller:  set working conditions, save historic buildings in the PC
  • System rails..
  • Nozzles irrigation and pesticide treatments.