The Pivots are electrically powered equipment supplied rain water and fertilizer to crops in a homogeneously way.

The pressure required for the system is provided by the pumping, and depending on the quality and origin of water require an appropriate filter to the spray nozzle installed on the computer.

The Pivots consist on four basic elements:

Pivots have 4 basic elements:

  • Support structure.
  • Electrical System.
  • Mechanical traction.
  • The hydraulic system of transport and application of water.

These systems have an electronic controller that performs the tasks of speed control towers so that movement is rhythmic these made between her and to close sectors of center automatically.

Central box Control



The central box controls:

  • System speed and the amount of water applied.
  • System motion direction (forward, backward, or sectorial watering).
  • Working mode (manual or automatic).
  • Valves opening of different sectors that can span the pivot.

The movement can be done by electric motors installed in the pivot towers or by operating hydraulic motors. The water is usually sprayed as droplets by the sprinklers or nozzles at the top of the tube.