Irrigation Heads


The irrigation head is the compound where the systems that get water to irrigation emitters in the conditions required for it, are installed. 

Irrigation Head Components:

So we distinguish the following components that can be found in irrigation head:

  • Pumping equipment: consists of one or more pumps that provide water flow to the pressure required by the irrigation system.
  • Team filter: it may contain one or more filtering equipment of different types of filter (sand, mesh, ring, hydrocyclones) and condition the water to prevent blockages in issuers due to the solid elements that could carry the water in suspension.
  • Fertilizer injection equipment: This system handles the input of fertilizers to irrigation water.
  • Control equipment: composed by irrigation controllers that control from the valves opening and connect the pump to the injection control fertilizer, pH and electrical conductivity of irrigation water, etc.

Irrigation Head Installations:


Factors for their installation: 

The components that are installed in a head irrigation depend on the following factors:

  • In surface irrigation: flow requirements change depending on the surface, so that the selection of pumping equipment depend on the size of the farm and the terrain.
  • In the conditions of the water source for irrigation: depending on the source and water conditions presented will choose the type of filter you need and even if water comes with enough pressure pumping installation may not be required.
  • The type of irrigation and fertilization: The design of the fertilized system will depend on the type of irrigation is performed and whether fertigation operations are performed.
  • Farmer's needs: The head irrigation will automatizate depending on the degree of automation requiring both equipment and the conditions requested by the farmer or farm technician.

It may require a simple timer or full fertigation equipment for irrigation control, or the installation of automatic or manual filtering.