Automatic Watering System


For optimal irrigation management always convenient, as far as possible, have automatic irrigation control systems.



This has a number of advantages:

  • Saves labor, water and energy.
  • Increased efficiency of irrigation.
  • Control of operations related to irrigation (irrigation economic control)
  • Reduced maintenance costs (fault detection and protection of the different components of the irrigation system).
  • Increases in production due to optimization of irrigation.



The components of an automatic irrigation control are:

  • Sensors and / or transducers: sphygmomanometers, pressure gauges, pressure switches, flow meters, level detectors, etc.
  • Actuators, switches, solenoid valves, motorized valves, pumps, variable speed drives, electronic starters, etc.
  • Signal conditioners so that the system understands.
  • Control Units (programmers, computers, etc.)
  • Electrical protection systems.
  • Communication system using local access to the programmer PC or remote access via internet and / or via mobile phone via SMS.





 Programming Automatic Irrigation:

The automation of irrigation can be scheduled at the farmer’s discretion, as follows:

  • Programming times.
  • Programming volumes measured by a flow meter or level detectors small rafts.
  • Programming based sensors and soil water status of the plant.
  • Programming based on weather data from a weather station.



The current development of mobile applications has enabled the creation of irrigation management platforms through the internet providing easier and intuitive use. Novedades Agricolas, SA has in turn a communication system with Xilema® teams to visualize and schedule remotely via internet through PC and applications on the Android and IOS platforms for mobile and tablets, STARNET.;