Micro Sprinkler Irrigation

Novedades Agricolas makes microsprinkler facilities and broadcasters in different types of crops and situations..


The micro-sprinklers are intended to provide irrigation using very fine droplets. They have a rotating deflector, called rotor or dancer, who helps deliver a greater diameter coverage, lower precipitation rate than the diffusers, increased droplet size, and better distribution of water (especially in distribution uniformity). For each type of micro-sprinkler are several types of rotors (dancers).

The main difference with nebulization is that microsprinckler projects water on tiny water jets to the plant instead of providing it in a nebulized way, and in turn they have rotating elements that distribute water to the surface.

Currently microdiffusion issuers have multiple combinations installation.

It can be installed directly on PE pipe surface (25 or 35 mm in diameter) or may be arranged on support rods and microtube. It has an assembly and easy operation, without using tools for installation.

All components are interchangeable, allowing you to use the most appropriate design for every need.


The micro sprinklers are ideal for low volume irrigation in horticultural crops, fruit, flowers, greenhouses, nurseries, frost protection and watering gardens.

They also allow the application of pesticides in plant cover crops. Its use is widespread in greenhouses, especially in leaf vegetables (lettuce, spinach, cabbage).


  • Pump assembly:to provide the appropriate pressure and flow rate to the facility.
  • Filtering: The varying degrees of thickness thereof filtration anger related water quality, and the size of the sprinkler nozzle. .
  • Fertilized System
  • Pipe Network
  • Micro-sprinklers: The scope, flow rate and droplet size will determine the choice of either model and mode of installation.



Installing buried with PVC or PE and accessories needed.

Depending on the type of installation we find the following materials:

  • Install air pipes PE, with the support system, microtubes and connection systems microsprinklers. (inverted microsprinkler).
  • Installation of PE pipes in the ground, support rods, microtubes and connection systems microsprinklers.


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