Sprinkler Irrigation

 Novedades Agricolas is a company specializes in irrigation systems.
Since its inception makes designs and Sprinkler Irrigation installations to make the best homogeneous distribution of the water, taking into account weather factors (wind, type and height of the crop, crop requirements, the terrain, etc.).


Distinguish the following systems:

  • Conventional systems: . These systems are the first to be developed in the sprinkler. Is subdivided into:
    • Fixed systems: sprinklers are placed within the framework established, and the piping system can be buried or surface, leaving as protrusion and the proper height rod which will built the sprinkler.

    • Semi fixed systems: Systems are essentially to be moving from one area to another for hand or machine by a quick release system. Within these systems are the wings of irrigation and irrigation guns.
  • Self mechanized Systems: Carrying automotive systems are installed electric motors or hydraulic systems that allow their movement along the surface irrigation. Within these systems are the pivot irrigation systems, lateral displacement systems (watering carts) machines and other sprinklers.

The choice of either system is established according to the technical and economic criteria that allow or not your installation, such as surface water, the terrain, access to electricity on the farm, etc.

The use of drip irrigation systems are widely used in field crops (cereals, fodder, potatoes, beets, etc.) and vegetables. It is used in areas With uneven terrain, Where water resources are abundant.


  • It has an lower water consumption than flood irrigation systems
  • Presents a highly adaptable to rough terrain, with large differences in elevation at the surface.
  • Allows dose the water with good accuracy.
  • Its distribution depends on the wind plant material, although at low speeds is very homogeneous.
  • Used for application of frost irrigation and the application of phytohormones.

  • Pump assembly:  to provide the appropriate pressure and flow rate to the facility.
  • Filtering the varying degrees of thickness thereof filtration anger related water quality, and the size of the sprinkler nozzle.
  • Fertilized Systems.
  • Pipe Network.
  • Sprinklers: The scope, flow rate and droplet size will determine the choice of either model both circular and sector.
  • Installation in classical Aluminum
  • Installation in PE with quick couplings
  • Installing buried with PVC or PE and accessories.