Diffusers for irrigation


Diffusers irrigation emitters are commonly used in gardening to distribute water in drops or small jets on a fixed sector, because they have no moving parts for the distribution of irrigation, unlike sprinklers.

Diffusers for irrigation applications: 

They are widely used in irrigation systems for landscaping, as devices are ideal for watering narrow areas such as flowerbeds, shrubs, etc.

The scope it provides is very variable, most broadcasters include distances between 1.5 and 6 m and they usually have a screw on the top of the nozzle which reduces the range.

The regulation of irrigation arc is done by changing the nozzle diffuser, arcs can irrigate up to 360º. They may also have systems for regulating the sector in order to orient the irrigation sector to the needs of each installation.

Types of Diffusers for Irrigation:


Generally two types of diffusers can be found:

  • Air Diffusers: Diffuser nozzle remains visible and installed on a threaded adapter pipe irrigation.
  • Diffusers emerging: The diffuser nozzle is placed in a body from which emerges when irrigation is activated by the water pressure, and once irrigation is finished, it hides remaining at ground.

Diffusers have different lift heights stem, allowing to irrigate at different heights depending on the design of the garden. They also incorporate check valves to prevent discharge of the irrigation system when irrigation is finished, reducing water consumption and pressure regulators for all diffusers of the installation provide the same flow.