Inserted and Pinched Drippers

Inserted Drippers

The drip inserted or drip interlinea, are installed interspersed in the pipeline. For this purpose the pipe station carrier is cut and proceeds to assemble the dropper being sealingly attached to the pipe. One of its advantages is that it can be replaceable in case of breakage or clogging.

Pinched Drippers

The pinched drippers are droppers that are installed in bypass line or by inserting the dropper through the wall of the pipe porta emitters. Commonly referred to as droppers button.

There are many types of pinched drippers. The different qualities that may have in their design are:

  • Adjustable Droppers: They have the ability to provide flow control.
  • Removable Droppers: They can be removed without removing the part of the dropper that is pinned to the pipeline.
  • Self-compensating drippers: They have a membrane which adjusts the flow rate to the system pressure so as to maintain the flow rate in a range of pressures determined.
  • Anti draining droppers: They have a membrane causing the closure of the dropper when the system pressure decreases avoiding water outlet when irrigation is not performed.
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    Removable Drip punch.
    • Inserted

    Self compensating and anti-drain punch dropper. CYSNE ND: 3L. CYSNE PC: 2L - 4L - 8L
    • Pinched

    Flat Pressure Compensating dripper bond-on in multi-seasonal pipes.. Ø 16 Models: 1.0L - 1.6L - 2.3L - 3.0L - 3.5L
    • Inserted

    Multi-seasonal dripline with bond-on emitter. Ø 16 y Ø 20 Models: 1.0L - 1.6L - 2.2L - 4L
    • Inserted

    Dripline with pressure-compensating dripper. Ø 16 Models: 1.6L - 2.2L - 4.0L
    • Inserted

    Pipe with integrated dropper. Ø 16 Models: 1.6L - 2.2L - 4.0L
    • Inserted
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