Fertilizer Tank


Fertilizer tanks are tanks that are installed on sprinkler heads where different solutions of chemical fertilizers are made for their application along with irrigation.

The number of tanks that are in an installation depends on the application require by farming, being the most usual the installation of four tanks for fertilizer and one for special contributions as acids or organic components.


They are usually installed several tanks in order to avoid chemical interactions that may occur in different types of fertilizers, due to some fertilizers are incompatible with others in solution.

Shaking tanks systems:

In turn, the tanks contain stirring systems to maintain fertilizers dissolved. They can be of two types:

  • Mechanical stirrers: Composed of an engine which shaft causes the rotation of a propeller that agitates the solution of the tank.
  • Tire Agitators: Consisting of a blower pump connected to a pipe system installed on the base of the deposits which injects air into the solution, causing agitation thereof.

Injection Devices:

Tanks can be connected to different injection devices, such as:

  • Venturi injectors
  • Dosing pumps