Irrigation Timer


The irrigation timer is a programmer who works on the irrigation pump and solenoid valves for irrigation based on a schedule set by the farmer or farm technician.

In turn they can incorporate water meters, gauges, other types of probes for irrigation control and store data.

Types of Irrigation Timers:

Irrigation controllers are classified according to their technical characteristics, into the following types:

  • Battery programmers with built-in valve.
  • Battery programmers with “latch” solenoid outputs.
  • Times Programmers with mechanical controls.
  • Digital programmer by time with or without registration flow.
  • Multicable volume or single-cable programmer.
  • Modular Programmers.

Irrigation programming:

Programming is done as follows:

  • Irrigation sectors (if any) and irrigation rates to provide are set, that is, the amount of water required for irrigation.
  • The run time, based on the flow supplied by the irrigation installation and irrigation rates, were calculated.
  • Weekly irrigations and watering schedules to carry along, are programmed:
    1. It starts programming boot times, which are the hours when irrigation will start.
    2. The run time is scheduled.
    3. Irrigation days, which are the days when the watering program is activated are scheduled.