Fertilizer Machine


The fertilizer machine is a tightly sealed connected in parallel to the irrigation network.

Characteristics of Fertilizer Machines: 

It has two jacks:

  1. One for the water inlet
  2. Another one for water and fertilizer outlet

They are connected to the irrigation network in two neighboring points, but separated by a valve, which aims to create a pressure difference to part of irrigation water flow through the parallel circuit where the tank is.


Advantages of Fertilizer Machines:

This is the simplest system for the application of fertilizers to irrigation water, since it only requires applying fertilizer rates by watering, taking care not to mix fertilizers incompatible with each other.

Acting on the valve, the outflow of fertilizer can be relatively control, but in practice it is difficult to accurately control the amount of fertilizer that is provided in addition to the concentration of fertilizer in the tank varies, being highest in the first moments of application and diluting over time. That is why the contribution is irregular.