Integrated Drippers

These emitters are implanted in the pipeline, spaced at a predetermined distance in between according to project requirements, depending on the crop and plantation frame.

There are two types of integrated emitters, depending on their shape in the pipe installation:

Integrated drippers: They are drippers shaped slightly larger diameter pipe than the inside diameter of the porta emitter pipe, to remain hold in a certain position which are introduced therein during manufacture.

Integrated drippers planes: They are inserted by a process of sealing, inside a polyethylene pipe during manufacture thereof, i.e. they are integrated into the wall of the porta emitter pipe.

Advantages of Planes Drippers:

  • The main advantage is that flat drippers have less risk of breakage by mechanical damage caused by the passage of tractors or footsteps.
  • They are designed to make irrigation possible with minimal risks shutter.
  • Drippers have protection systems that prevent clogging and a maze that leads the water from inside the pipe to the opening of the dropper that is designed for this purpose.

Integrated Drippers Systems:

Integrated drippers may have systems that improve their behavior as:

Integrated Compensating Emitters:

These emitters offer the possibility to maintain the same flow rate within a specified range of pressure because it has a membrane that acts as control tightening the water flow when pressure increases and increasing it when the pressure decreases.

Integrated antisuction Droppers:

They have a membrane that closes off the water at the outlet of the dropper when the system pressure decreases, avoiding the suction of air, water and dirt around the dropper.

Integrated Anti drains Droppers:

They have a membrane that prevents the system to discharge when irrigation is over.