Gothic Greenhouses

Gothic Greenhouses APR

Gothic greenhouse differs from chapel greenhouse, in the design of the arches, these are pointed, They can accommodate a larger volume of air, providing better microclimate and interior lighting.

It is designed to suit all types of crops, particularly suspeded crops and the construction is intended for extreme climates.

Novedades Agricolas makes this greenhouse under its own brand: APR, naming this model APG80s, APG80b, APG96s, APG96b, APG96r, APG80r, APG80p, according to wide, ridge heights and reinforcement design.

Structures are designed for high loading, also require some care and environmental growing conditions. Gothic ridge allows us to build wider sheds, increasing cultivated area for the large-scale production.


  • APG80
  • APG80-2
  • APG96
  • APG96-2
  • APG96R
  • APG96R-2


APR gothic greenhouses design


  • High structural durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Efficiency fixing plastic cover. (good seal).
  • Fast and seamless installation.
  • More distance from the vent to the crop.
  • Easy slip condensation.
  • High ingress of light.
  • Increased ventilation
  • Allows mechanized farming inside.

Standard Features:

The standard dimensions of this type of greenhouse are:

  • Width: 8 m - 9.60 m depending on the model.
  • Height on canal: 4 - 4,50 – 5 m.
  • Height to Peak:  between 6 and 7,4m, depending on model.
  • Distance between pillars: 5m inside ; 2, 5m outside


Fundamental structural parts:

  • pilares-APR 


    • Perimeter Pillars: Hot galvanized profiles.
    • Interior Pillars: Hot galvanized profiles.
  • arcos-gotico 

     Pointed arch:

    • The curve is slightly pointed at its highest point, you will be called Gothic arch and has a greater height in the model ridge chapel.
  • refuerzos-APR 


    • Edge Reinforcements: 1 vertical and 2 diagonal reinforcement every 5 m
    • Interior Reinforcements: K Reinforcements or St. Andrew's crosses.
  •  cimentacion


    • Cylindrical Concrete blocks placed in situ made on small caissons.

When is your right choice?

This type of greenhouse is designed for extreme, temperate and cold climates and for all crops, especially for suspended culture. Its use is widespread in hydroponics mainly due to the large capacity it offers for climate control.

The APG80 P model is specially designed to handle large downloads of snow.

Why Us?  

APR Greenhouses, designs, manufactures, builds and installs all types of greenhouse structures technologically efficient, modern, and functional for intensive agriculture that we offer our customers for immediate implementation.

Furthermore Novedades Agricolas is the company that offers a complete service in this type of facility because we have own brands in Irrigation (XILEMA®), Climate Control (CLIMATEC®)Phytosanitary treatments (HUMIFITO®), and all this together with over 35 years of experience and with the best quality materials certified under ISO 9002.


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