APR Greenhouse Kits for High Production

Small Greenhouse Kits APR

We make technology, quality and strength of our Professional Greenhouses available for you in order to get the best performance from your crop production.


APR Kit greenhouses are Tunnel greenhouses specially conceived for growers and designed for high-profit crop production in small plots.

Following a series of meetings and researches carried out by our Technical Department specialists, we have succeeded in achieving a new Greenhouse Model with high resistance, easy installation structure that enables higher quality production, preventing the entry of insects and improving performance.


Professional Greenhouses Tomato apr



APR Kit Greenhouse Advantages

  • High production and performance of the crop.
  • More efficient use of inputs in irrigation, fertigation and hydroponics.
  • Pests, weeds and diseases control.
  • Designed for the development of all kind of crops.
  • Adaptable to every weather condition.
  • Ensures the development of plants through the year.
  • Cheap solution for small crops.
  • Easy installation and greenhouses maintenance.
  • Better selling prices and investment recovery.



invernaderos pequenos apr kit

Measures and Area

The dimensions of this APRkit 336 Greenhouse Model are:

  • Total Growing Area: 336 m2
  • Nº Modules: 1
  • Width: 8 m
  • Lenght: 42 m
  • Gutter's Height 2.40 m


The Materials of this Greenhouse Structure (Pillars, Arches, Profiles, Bars, Screw and Bolts) are high quality and fiability. Provider companies are certificated according to international norms UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008.

User's Guide and Video Tutorials are provided for easy installation!


It is also possible to get Additional Kits designed specifically for this Greenhouse Kit model in order to achieve the best performance of crops and improve production.

Structural KITS:

  • Crop Wire KIT: All materials required for the trellising installation and elements needed to guide plants during their growth.
  • Side Curtain KIT: It allows to seal the greenhouse in periods or moments of too low temperatures. It reaches the following functions: Exchange between O2 and CO2. Temperature control: protection again low temperatures. Humidity control.
  • Lower additional profile KIT: It is a clear reinforcement for the structure.

Agronomic KITS:

    • Irrigation KIT
    • Seeds/Nursery KIT
    • Tools KIT

Download APRkit Technical Sheet