Tropical Greenhouses

  • Tropical Greenhouses APR
  • Tropical Greenhouse APR

These greenhouses models are named Tropical greenhouses because their use is widespread in this region, and also asymmetric, because, unlike the Gothic and chapel greenhouses, its geometry is asymmetric, with one side of the roof steeper than the other.

The slope of the roof is studied as a function of perpendicular incidence on this of sunlight during the winter, in order to maximize the incoming solar radiation

Novedades Agrícolas manufactures this greenhouse under its own brand APR, naming this model as APA25, APA40 y APA40H

The greenhouse ventilation is usually fixed and is determined through the openings located in the center of each structural arches which run along the entire ceiling. The openings allow natural ventilation and heating vent.




APR Tropical Greenhouses design


  • Make possible utilize the light in winter
  • High thermal inertia due to their high unit volume
  • Waterproof to rain and air.
  • BGood ventilation due to its high altitude.
  • Allows installation of roof ventilation downwind.
  • Strong winds resistance.
  • It is fast to assemble and needs no welding.  

Standard Features:

The standard dimensions of this type of greenhouse are:

  • Width: 9.60 m.
  • Pillar height: 6,4 - 6,90 - 7,40 m.
  • Height on canal: 4 - 4,50 - 5 m.
  • Distance between pillars: 4 - 5 m. (inside). 2 – 2,50 m. (outside).
  • Racks perimeter reinforcement.


Fundamental structural parts:

  • pilares-APR 


    • Perimeter pillars: Hot galvanized profiles.
    • Interior pillars: Hot galvanized profiles.
  • refuerzos-APR 


    • 3 vertical reinforcements every 4-5 m, depending on the model.
  • cimentacion 


    • Cylindrical concrete blocks manufactured in situ placed on small caissons.

When is your right choice?

It is designed for the development of all crops in tropical climate with warm temperatures and high humidity. Provides effective roof ventilation, usually fixed. The zenith windows are intended to protect the crop from strong winds typical of tropical regions. 


Why choose APR Greenhouses? 

APR designs, manufactures, builds and installs all types of greenhouse structures technologically efficient, modern, and functional for intensive agriculture we offer our customers for immediate implementation.

Furthermore, Novedades Agricolas is the best company in this sector that offers a complete service in this facility because we have our own brands in Irrigation (XILEMA®), Climate Control (CLIMATEC®) Phytosanitary treatments (HUMIFITO®), and all this coupled with over 35 years of experience and the best quality materials certified under ISO 9002.