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Sheet greenhouses, also named as Warehouses can be used for multiple applications, ranging from the use of irrigation huts to house the filtration heads up fertilizer tanks, etc. as well as booths for tools, machinery, agricultural products, or to handling of fruits and vegetables.
Depending on the materials used in the enclosure may also have other applications, such as offices, garage, etc.

Novedades Agrícolas manufactures this greenhouse under its own brand APR, naming this model as APW.



APR Warehouse Greenhouses

The materials used for assembly are those of the polytunnel greenhouse structure and therefore, the standards made thereof. Widths of 6, 8 or 9.6 m. tunnels can be attached no matter lenght or number. Optionally, on-demand, you can make other non-standard widths.

Optionally, on-demand, you can make other non-standard widths.


The covers and walls are fixed to the structure by means of screws to the longitudinal straps, which gives excellent fixation. The materials used are galvanized minionda cover sheet and pre-painted sheet walls, all in different colors in order to reduce the environmental impact as possible.

For the 6 m choice. can be supplied with a gabled roof, sandwich plate can be placed as insulation and close both ceilings and walls.


Why choose APR Greenhouses? 

APR Greenhouses designs, manufactures, builds and installs all types of greenhouse structures technologically efficient, modern, and functional for intensive agriculture we offer our customers for immediate implementation.

Furthermore, Novedades Agricolas is the best company in this sector that offers a complete service in this facility because we have our own brands in Irrigation (XILEMA®), Climate Control (CLIMATEC®), Phytosanitary treatments (HUMIFITO®), and all this coupled with over 35 years of experience and the best quality materials certified under ISO 9002.